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The RPG Theme is designed for the gaming community. It has simple layout properties and 5 presets for various gaming genres.

But don't let the name fool you. It can be used for any website. It would make a great theme for a designers portfolio or a photo gallery.


Theme Presets

dragon.pngTheme Name : dragon

warhammer.pngTheme Name: warhammer

monster.pngTheme Name: monster

exalted.pngTheme Name: exalted

wars.pngTheme Name: wars

The RPG Theme has some great features to allow you to create your site without alot of hassles. We minimized the number of areas and page types so that creating a page is simple. You can add a page and start adding your content without having to configure alot of sections.

Gamer Focus

This is also the begining of our gaming focus. We are going to build templates and extensions dedicated to the gaming community for the next few months. After that we will create custom components for another group.


1.1 - Fixed and issue on the main navigation for nested items

1.2 - Fixed login form problem in Chrome