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Responsive Theme




presets-orange.pngOrange Preset
Name: orange

presets-grey.pngGrey Preset
Name: grey

presets-green.pngGreen Preset
Name: green

presets-brown.pngBrown Preset
Name: brown

presets-blue.pngBlue Preset
Name: blue


There are three banner sizes in the theme. These are used at various sizes. You can replace the Reponsive default ones by either:

1. Replacing the images in the template directory - banner-80.png, banner-160.png, and banner-300.png

2. Adding banner-80.png, banner-160.png, and banner-300.png to a site-banners fileset in the administration console.

The Responsive theme smartly scales to the native device. It will optimize its graphics for mobile devices to provide better performance on slower bandwidth tools.

It also arranges its layout for the device. Go to the demo site and resize your browser to see this effect.