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 RPG Charactersheet

icon.png The RPG charactersheet block is a preformatted block to allow gaming groups to track their characters online. It has sheets for several different types of games and was constructed to allow easy updates to existing sheets and additional ones.

The initial version only tracks character data and doesn't cover equipment or character conditions. These features and the ability to create PDF charactersheet are in development however.

Adding your sheet:

  1. Select your game sheet - this creates a blank sheet on your page.
  2. Add your character data - edit the block to add data and a portrait

Get online all you gaming Nerds!



Download the zip file and extract it into your packages directory. Using the Add Functionality section of the Dashboard install the extension.

Once installed you can add a charactersheet to any block. There is alot of data therefore using a large block will be better than a small one. The sheet will try to scale its-self appropriately.

NOTE: The first charactersheet you place on a page will display without its custom CSS. This can be solved by hitting refresh on the page. Concrete5 doesn't reload the entire page when a block is added so the css for the charactersheet is not loaded.


Select RPG Type
Select RPG Type
Edit Character
Edit Character

Current Games

cthulhu.png dnd4e.png exalted.png pathfinder.png rogue.png warhammer.png wod.png

The RPG charactersheet is our first extension for the RPG gaming community. It will allow gaming groups to publish and track their characters online.

View Demo

View a demo of some samples on the RPG theme. Each of the characters there have an online character sheet.