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Power Slide

powerslide.pngThe Power Slide extension is an enhanced version of the Concrete5 core slideshow block. While slideshow allows you to fade nicely between several images, PowerSlide extends that capability. 

Images can have links to pages using a simple navigation tree. You can place an overlay on an image which can also have a link.

A content panel can be placed to the left or right of the image. Resizing the image if needed. The panel can be any color using a simple color chooser.

Download version 1.2 of Power Slide now !!




The Global properies control the transition types which has fourteen transition styles from slides, fades, and shuffles.

The Pause parameter controls the hold time for each image and the Transition time is the length of time for a transition





The overlay properties allow for a text string to be placed over an image. This text string can be linked to another page of the site.


The concent section is a WYSIWYG content panel. Any valid HTML can be placed in this panel and its size is configurable.


Key Differences

The key differences between the image slider and the powerslider are:

  1. You can choose different transitions
  2. You can overlay a linkable text
  3. Content can be displayed to the left or right of an image
  4. Must define the height and width. This is needed for the content area display and for certain transitions.


  1. Fade
  2. Blind
  3. Cover
  4. Scroll
  5. Shuffle
  6. Slide
  7. Toss
  8. Random


The Glam Theme uses Powerslide for the rotating header graphic

The Standards Theme has a demo of the Powersllide. The banner on the Powerslide page is using the BlindX transition. There are two examples on the multislides menu option. The first one uses random transitions while the second is set to fade.


  1. Adjustable transitions
  2. Image links using navigation tree
  3. Overlay text, color and links
  4. Content panel customization