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Bridge Theory


The "Bridge Theory" Extension allows for bi-directional communication between a Concrete5 and PHPBB3 installation. This integration is non-invasive and allows both Concrete5 and PHPBB to be updated independently.


  • non-invasive application
  • Simple  install & setup
  • Uses Concrete5 authentication, which will allow for authentication via plugins such as openID, ldap, etc...
  • Very little performance overhead




Follow the standard package installation for the theory_phpbb_bridge Concrete5 extension. Your PHPBB installation
must be in a folder within your Concrete5 site. The default folder names is phpbb3. After extension installation on
the dashboard a new menu will be displayed on the left column of the dashboard.

Under this menu is the bridge configurations.

First set the folder name to your phpbb installation.
Then hit update.
Then click the install button on the authorization link. This will install the concrete5 authorization into phpbb.


To complete the installation you need to log into the admin control panel of PHPBB and set the following:

1. Under authorization select concrete5 in the drop down list.
2. Under security select no for the allow persistent logins.
3. Under security select None for IP validation
4. Under security select No for validate browser
5. Under security select None for Validate Referer.

User Management

Authorization is now done using the concrete5 credentials. Any user not found in the PHPBB user base will be added

The group setting in the bridge configurations set the concrete5 group which will have access to the forums. You can
use any Concrete5 group you have configured. The bridge component will check if a user is part of a certain group
before attempting to log the user into PHPBB.

Avatar's can also be managed with the Concrete5 avatar. The image used by Concrete5 will be replicated into the PHPBB
system. There is an issue with the update from the dashboard. If the avatar is changed then right afterward hit update
on the user. This will trigger the update into PHPBB.


  • Integrated Authentication
  • Dashboard Integration
  • User Management
  • Avatar Management
  • Seamless routing


Our forum is powered by this bridge extension. Click the Forums link on the main menu to see it in action.


1.2  Concrete5.4
1.3  Bug Fixes
1.4  Auth and proxy fixes
1.8 HTTP accept fixes