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TheoryBlister has extensive experience working with some of the largest companies in the world. We have created complete branding images for start-up companies, modernized small businesses, and implemented global software solutions. But its not our experience which sets us apart.


We are "Creative Technology Integrators". We understand the technical details, but its the creative process we enjoy. To use technical skills to create artistic solutions. And all projects have some degree of art from the DVD video to the invoice processing code. The form of things is as important as the function.

Our enthusiasm for the creative process also affects how we manage our projects. We don't have hand-offs, sign-offs, or any of the -offs. The creative process is interactive. We are working with you to create the solution you desire. This interactive approach is used for all our projects. Software projects, design projects, motion graphics; for us the type doesn't matter. The process of rapid feedback drives our client engagements.

We understand the technical challenges but technical expertise is not our goal. 

The goal is to create.

I have been completely satisfied with all our work. The designs have been fantastic and the technical help has been great. Any issue we ran into TheoryBlister has been able to help. We will absolutely use them again.

-- Layne Nunes
Founder Treasury Management Advisors